Coconut Oil For Sunburn

I write a lot about the benefits of  Coconut Oil.  A recent study reports that:

“We all need some sunshine to make vitamin D for healthy bones. Enjoying the sun safely while taking care not to burn should help most people strike a good balance.”

This is where coconut oil comes in.  Coconut oil is a natural mild sunscreen.  I was explaining to one of my customers about the benefits of coconut oil and how, it acts as a natural barrier against the sun, like a sunscreen.  She laughed and said: “This is why I cant get a tan, I have sunscreen on, because I always rub coconut oil on my skin as a moisturizer.”

The SPF rating in coconut oil is enough as an every day option for mild sun protection and skin health. In fact, I have heard some people say that coconut oil, applied after a sunburn, provides immediate relief.  I am not sure that I agree with researchers that say that coconut oil only provided 10-15 SPF protection, because I believe that when God created the earth, He made provisions for everything and gave us the resources we need to be healthy and whole, including protecting our skin.

If you are new to the benefits of coconut oil, I highly recommend this resource for accurate information on the benefits of coconut oil.  If you like to purchase Coconut Cream Sugar Scrubclick here.

You have just been “Kissed by Nature”


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