Beauty and the Coconut

As I laid on the beach in L’Anse Mitan Martinique (French West Indies), played endlessly in the salty waters of the ocean, I would look up to the skies and stare at the coconut trees and wonder “How close would I be to heaven if I climbed that tree, and how will I get down?” I was not concerned about the multitude of benefits that the coconut would offer at its various stages, but more so the water inside and the “jelly” that I would eat once the water was consumed and the green coconut was cracked opened. **The arrow points to the family beach house where I spent my summers

So I would wait for it to fall, or wait for one of the boys to brave the climb and beg for them to cut me one, much to my Grand Mother’s dismay. I didn’t care though. If I couldn’t find someone to cut one down for me, My grand-mother would tell me to “Shake the tree and see what happens…” I would shake…and nothing would come down…except, the dried coconut, that was going to fall anyway and I often hopped that it is had some water left in it. Often times it didn’t but I would take comfort in knowing that at least we could make home-made coconut ice cream.

In my last post I shared how I went to school smelling like raw, unrefined oil, which mixed with a sweaty head, was not a pretty scent. Now the very thing I took for granted, is now a hot topic and commodity, a “must-have” oil for beauty inside and out. Natural Skin Care enthusiasts are now appreciating the benefits of Nature’s gifts that Natives have known for years.

Kiss Me Nature is proud to introduce as part of their natural skin care system Coconut Oil Body Wash. Inspired my extreme dry winter skin and my busy life, my winter skin needs something with a bit more moisturizing power. Kiss Me Nature Body Wash is a combination of Rose Water, Lavender and of Course! Coconut Oil! This moisturizing body wash is gentle enough to use on your face, and also makes enough rich later to use as a shave soap.


Stay tuned for our next post on how to use Coconut Oil as a moisturizing shave lotion and clean your make-up brushes!

You have been “Kissed by Nature”


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