Coconut Water-Is it the real Body Hydrator?

Okay, so lately consumers are seeing an influx of coconut products on the market.  Specifically to coconut water, the market is now inundated with companies claiming the benefits of hydration in coconut water.  Are you surprised? I’m not.  Water from a Coconut is the most refreshing water you can get from a nut that grows on a tree.   This is a well known fact to me as a decedent of West Indian Parents.  In my previous blog Beauty and the Coconut,  I talked about my upbringing in the West Indies and how I would wait for a coconut to come falling so I can drink the water and eat the “jelly” inside.

Well, I want to take a closer look at the pros and cons of drinking coconut water from experience, (Yes there are cons to drinking coconut water…LOL).

Growing up, coconut water was a temporary thirst quencher to be enjoyed at the family beach house (when it fell from the tree) or a treat for having endured the bargaining process at the local street market in the island heat.  Also, I was told that it  part of a detoxification process if consumed in large quantities.  Therefore, it was not uncommon to see street vendors selling coconut water to the thirsty shoppers in the market.  Bottled water was not a commodity then as it is now.  As I reflect back, I am wondering if the vendors were selling the coconuts to quench one’s thirst or as a means of survival, to make money to feed a family…

What I do know is that this was a treat I would look forward to Saturdays when I went to the market to shop for fruits, veggies and spices with my grand-mother or the hired help.  Although we tried to get to the market early before the sun really got hot, there was really nothing one can do to escape the heat of the Caribbeans.  Alas, I would walk in silence as my G-Mere or hired help bargained for the things they needed.

I would sometimes, sneak off and see the dolls, in the hopes that I would get one, which I always did. (I am only child, so in their minds I needed as much entertainment as possible…LOL)

And then….The moment I have been waiting for… They are done shopping, and I can get my water! My G-Mere would let me choose my coconut.  I would shake it to “hear” how much water was inside.  He would cut it with precision something like this:

And I would drink the water inside with caution as to not spill it, and then have the man split the coconut in half to eat the jelly.  I guess in hindsight, the coconut was refreshing. I was a kid, what do I know, right?

Stay tuned as I get more into the pros and cons of “The Water in a nut”

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