Coconut Water vs. Sports Drink -Which one is it the real Body Hydrator?

In my last post Coconut Water-Is it the real Body Hydrator?, I shared my personal experience about coconut.  In fact, this whole blog has been my personal experience with the use of Coconut.  In Part II, I want to talk about the pros and cons from both a personal experience and from the perspective of the “experts”.  When I am not able to get my hands on some good coconut water from raw coconut, I venture to find my favorite go-to Vita Coco.  By far it is the closest thing to a fresh coconut water I have tasted.  I have tried other brands, only to find that it has a “fermented” after taste, meaning that the water did NOT come from a young green coconut or it was exposed to air too long before they packaged it.  But you would have to have had a good coconut in the raw to know the difference.

Organic and raw coconut water is the best bet, when available. Why? Organic raw coconut water contains living enzymes, which aid digestion and metabolism.  It also contains complex B-vitamins and amino acids. Its high hydration ability comes from calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium. What are other benefits to drinking coconut water? Well, thanks to its high electrolyte contents, it contains a number of nutrients that are crucial for us — it’s very high in potassium, which helps stabilize blood pressure and fluid balance within the body, and can even prevent headaches and cramps.  So with all of these benefits, why are people still turning to sports drinks for hydration? The first reason is cost.  It is cheaper to buy a 16oz. sports drink than it is to buy a 16oz. coconut water.  But is it really worth it? What articles fail to mention are the “other” additives such as food coloring and other preservatives.  The second reason is that experts claim that high sodium is need to replace the sodium lost during athletic training…But doesn’t excess sodium lead to high blood pressure, which coconut water helps to regulate? And how is the lost of sodium measured between a child athlete and an adult athlete?  In an article, Coconut Water or Gatorade, it states in part that  Nutritional experts state that coconut water can be a good drink for hydration after normal exercising but warn that it may not be the best drink after vigorous and strenuous exercising due to the high loss of sodium in sweat. The replacement of sodium after water loss is much more important than potassium. Coconut water contains about 569 mg of potassium and 160 mg of sodium compared to Gatorade, which is formulated for athletes and contains around 52.5 mg of potassium and 192 mg of sodium. Plus coconut water contains very little protein and carbohydrates, which are essential for rapid recovery from dehydration.Coconut water costs on average about 62 cents an ounce whereas Gatorade costs on average at retail around 24 cents per ounce. So, the choice is yours, coconut water as an expensive re-hydrating drink or as an occasional refreshing drink that may be beneficial to your health.”The choice is yours. As for me, Coconut water is my go to dink for hydration.  Thanks to my blog accountability partner Janelle, she eloquently reminds me that Gratitude=A Change in Attitude.  That said, I am grateful for my childhood experiences and life experiences that taught me what is means to be truly Kissed by Nature.


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