Coconut water and Excersise

If you have been following my Blog about the benefits of coconut,  you know that it is my all time favorite…What is it? A fruit? A nut? A seed?  I never took the time to actually think about it, nor did I really think of it as any one of the three.  My childhood experiences have allowed me to subconsciously experience all three definitions (later blog post).

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about coconut water vs. sports drinks. Researchers say that organic raw coconut water contains living enzymes,which aid digestion and metabolism.  Italso contains complex B-vitamins and amino acids. Its high hydration abilitycomes from calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and sodium. What are other benefitsto drinking coconut water? Well, thanks to its high electrolyte contents, itcontains a number of nutrients that are crucial for us — it’s very high inpotassium, which helps stabilize blood pressure and fluid balance within thebody, and can even prevent headaches and cramps.   Nothing beats pure H2O, but it is a well known fact that a person’s body does lose certain nutrients during athletic activity.  I know that when I go to the gym, I always take with me some coconut water.  Stupidly Simple Vita Coco is my choice of “bottled coconut water”.  I have mentioned this before, but Vita Coco is by far the best tasting packaged coconut water.

What confirms it for me that coconut water actually replenishes the lost nutrients during exercise is that I am not “craving” for anything.  Usually with water (Disclaimer: Water is still the best drink for your body), I feel as if I “need” something.  But when I drink coconut water, I feel satisfied.

I start my work out hydrated with coconut water.

So when my taste buds just can’t take another sip of tap water, I choose coconut water.  And when I wrap up my workout coconut water replaces the potassium and sodium I lose through sweat (as I think about sitting under the coconut tree at the family beach house at L’anse Mitan, Martinique FWI.

Be prepared when going to the gym.  Before you consider a sports drink, consider coconut water.

You have just been “Kissed by Nature”


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