Cooking with Coconut Balinese Style

I recently took a trip to Bali, and what an awesome experience I had! The people, the culture, the food, the atmosphere, was just all absolutely amazing.  As a coconut lover, anything with coconut wets my pallet.  I shared in an earlier post, my homemade Coconut Cake, that I affectionately call “Kiss Me Nature Homemade Coconut Cake“.

The trip was a Mother’s Day/Birthday gift from my eldest daughter.  She planned the entire trip and all the activities.  She signed us up for the Balinese Cooking class with “Maria”.  She is originally from Jakarta, but migrated to Bali, to find work on this high tourist island, after Jakarta was attacked by terrorists in 2004.

On our scheduled day, Maria came to pick us up from our villa in Seminyak.  We then drove to the local market to get all of the ingredients and spices  we needed for the dishes we wanted to prepare We walked through a plethora of vendors vying for our attention, bargaining with us to purchase items from them.

One of the dishes that I choose was Serundeing, which is a beef and grated coconut dish. We had so much fun making this dish.  We started with three simple ingredients:

Grated Coconut



It was a great dish.  Though I don’t eat beef. as a personal lifestyle choice, but  did taste it was deilish!!!!

For the full recipe, please subscribe to this blog!

You have been “Kissed by Nature”


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