Coconut Oil and Foot Reflexology for Sinus Sufferers

As an allergy sufferer, I am always in search of natural medicines to help alleviate the sinus irritation/infections that results from my allergic reaction to dust, dust mites, and mold.  Short of living in a bubbles. how I can truly escape these triggers?  Or even avoid them?  Well the reality is that I can’t because dust mites are everywhere, dust is everywhere and while I don’t have mold in my home, the moisture in the air right before it rains wreaks havoc on me.

I was on Periscope (follow me @kissmenaturecog) and I was talking about how I need my son to test my Kiss Me Nature products because I have lost all sense of smell.  Rita Pardo (also on IG), a fellow scoper, interacted with me and gave some suggestions as to some essential oils I should use to help alleviate my sinus congestion.  Rita, is the proud owner of Naturally Me and You.  She also suggested Foot Reflexology!!!!  So I did some research and came across this site about reflexology.  As Rita and I were talking about the carrier oil to use for the massage I was about to give myself…what do you know, she mentions my favorite oil–COCONUT OIL!!!!  Organic Facts states that the health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, cholesterol level maintenance, weight loss, boosted immune system, proper digestion and regulated metabolism. It also provides relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, and cancer, while helping to improve dental quality and bone strength. These benefits of oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and their respective properties, such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial and soothing qualities.

So with that said, prior to speaking with Rita, I would add some coconut oil to my sinus rinse for its antimicrobial, antibacterial and soothing qualities.  It is working, but inconsistency is my challenge.  So when Rita suggested reflexology, I thought, why not, I have tried everything else.  Rita is a distributor for Young Living, so when she suggested a combination of lemon, peppermint and lavender, all essential oils I know are all anti-inflammatory, I knew it was the start of finally finding a natural product to hep manage my allergies.

As the CEO and Founder of Kiss Me Nature, I made my own therapeutic oil, using the the suggested EO and coconut oil for my reflexology and aromatherapy oil to open up my sinuses.

The Aromatherapy worked with in minutes, as I began to smell the wonderful scent of the lemon, peppermint and lavender.

In just one day, I was 60% better than I have been in years!

Reflexology Sinus Management, try this:

1oz. of Organic Coconut Oil, 4 drops each of the following essential oils: peppermint, lavender and Lemon

To provide relief from blocked sinuses using this reflexology foot chart below

  • Locate the sinuses area on the map above (tips of all the fingers and toes)
  • Repetitively squeeze and release the sinus area for twenty seconds on each finger or toe (begin on the right hand/ foot with thumb along to little finger, repeat on left hand/ foot)
  • Gently rotate all the joints on each finger or toe (begin on the right hand/ foot with thumb along to little finger, repeat on left hand/ foot)
  • If it is a severe cold, drink plenty of H20
  • Do reflexology to the whole of both feet or both hands and go back over the above top three points again until feeling some relief

Aromatherapy Sinus Management, try this:

In a diffuser, combine:

1oz. of Organic Coconut Oil, 4-7 drops each of the following essential oils: peppermint, lavender and Lemon

Relax and breathe it all in until you feel relief.

My Favorite online shop for organic coconut oil is Tropical Traditions

You have been “Kissed” by “Nature”


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