Kiss Me Nature-Unveiling the Beauty Within

2015 was a year of reflection, revision, release, re-grouping, researching.  As a result, Kiss Me Nature, and its blog “Coconut and the skin You’re in” came to an abrupt halt.  We are back! And moving in a new direction. Kiss Me Nature has a new slogan. We are excited.


Kiss Me Nature is a natural handmade bath and body products company. Unveiled by Dominique is a platform to empower women to “Remove the Veil, and Reveal their Strength”.   Together both will explore the unveiling of one’s beauty inside and out by bridging together the  two topics that compliment each other for the total well being of women.

Kiss Me Nature‘s products are coconut and Shea butter based to provide extreme moisture to your skin, the covering that protects the “inner-beauty”.  Kiss Me Nature understood that the combination of both of these amazing emollients and moisturizers, each having its own distinct benefits, provide antioxidant benefit and other healing compounds. Additionally, they both act as a natural sunscreen, when applied appropriately. Yet no matter how much we take care of our outer beauty, the toxins in us, through hurt, pain, disappointments, ect. manifests itself through our skin.  Unveiled by Dominique began as my own need to come out of the coma of pretense I found myself in. Coincidentally (or not) Kiss Me Nature’s first product was created to prevent and heal oral cold sores.  It’s all about healing.

I am still not sure of all of the paths of this journey, but one thing is for sure: The mission is clear.  Unveil the beauty, Reveal the strength.

What will you reveal? What is in you that is hiding behind the veil? How will you take care of the skin you are in?

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