The Overlooked Benefits of Body Butter

Kiss Me Nature Body butters differ from lotions in that it is composed primarily of coconut oil and Shea butter.  Lotions have a high content of water.   Some lotions contain up to 70% water. While we all understand that our bodies need water, we know that if we just spread water on our skin, dryness follows shortly thereafter. Lotion tries to minimize this by adding in moisturizing properties and other ingredients. But our skin knows the difference and all too often the lotion wears off quickly and leaves us embarrassed by dry skin.  On the other hand, our body butter is composed of essential oils and nut butter. The ingredients are humectants, emollient substances that trap and lock in moisture. Our product will condition and nourish the skin. The texture itself is much thicker than lotion. When used regularly, our body butter will hydrate the skin like nothing else.

Kiss Me Nature Body Butters are a rich, luxurious treat, with a base of coconut oil, Shea butter and vitamin E. The result is skin that is visibly smoother and silky soft. We sometimes use other oils such as grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, or sweet almond oil. We also sometimes include mango butter as well.  These natural oils and butters can penetrate the surface of the skin to help nourish and condition skin.When included in your daily skin care regime, there simply is no comparison.

Why we use Unrefined Shea butter

Kiss Me Nature uses unrefined Shea butter because the raw Shea butter is in its natural state, and has been extracted manually or mechanically. It has a mild nutty-smoky scent and a golden to light ivory color.  The raw Shea butter is Kiss Me Nature’s choice of plant based ingredient because it has retained all of its precious skin moisturizing, anti-aging and healing properties. This is the only type of Shea butter we carry at Kiss Me Nature, because for us quality is a must and we do not agree with “green-washing”. Our Shea butter is organic and fair trade.

Shea Butter

Given its high content in anti-inflammatory and healing components, Shea butter helps the healing of skin disorders and problems like:

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • rash
  • hives
  • insect bites
  • poisonous plants contact dermatitis
  • skin cracks
  • burns
  • minor cuts

Moreover, Shea butter is deeply soothing and calming on any irritation and inflammation. Because it helps the healing of the skin, it can take care of heel and skin cracks in record time. But it does even more…

Shea butter is very beneficial for sportive men and women, as it prepares the muscles before the workout and helps them to recover faster after. It also helps to reduce muscle aches as it stimulates the elimination of toxins from the muscles.

Why We Use Coconut Oil

I started this blog a little over a year ago to talk about the benefits of coconut oil.  I am a really big fan, although not always.  In one of my blogs, Healing Your Skin the Natural Way-Coconut and Shea Butter, I wrote in depth about the properties of Shea Butter and Coconut oil combined and why Kiss Me Nature uses it in our body butters as the primary ingredients.  I have blogged on many occasions about the healing properties of Kiss Me Nature Body Butters.  I have even provided the scientific data about why Shea Butter and Coconut oil are the best ingredients for basic skin care. Here is one additional scientific fact that I did not include:

Proteins: Like coconuts themselves, coconut oil is rich in many proteins. These proteins keep skin healthy and rejuvenated, both internally and externally. Proteins also contribute to cellular health and tissue repair, along with a wide range of other essential activities within the body. For any damaged cells on or near the skin, a healthy of flow of proteins guarantees their replacement at a normal rate, whereas people with protein-deficient diets heal slower and often develop more obvious scars due to the extended healing time.  The best property of coconut oil that makes it so beneficial for skin is that it does not become rancid. When you apply it on the skin, it can work for a longer time, unlike many other oils, without it getting rancid.

Skin softener: Most of us use several creams and lotions for softening our skin, especially the skin of the face and hands. Coconut oil is a great skin softener and helps you do away with dry and hard skin conditions. Simply take some coconut oil on your palms, rub your palms against each other once or twice and then on your face, hands, or wherever you want to see the moisturizing effect.

Coconut oil is also good for hardened and cracked feet, which may happen due to excessive cold or strenuous work while standing on your feet. The cracks in your feet will not vanish, but your feet will become softer within days if you apply coconut oil to the affected area.

As an exfoliant, including coconut oil as an agent with other exfoliating or grainy materials like salts and sugars can vastly improve the effects. You will successfully scrape off excess dead skin and clean out whatever substances have blocked the pores without leaving the skin feeling irritated. The natural soothing nature of the oil combines with the grainy, exfoliating material perfectly, and leaves your skin with an even color, closed pores, and a soft texture.


Making Kiss Me Nature Body Butters

When we say “Handmade products”, we mean just that. To take a peek at how our products are made click here and watch.

The Challenge

The benefits of our body butters is that because it is food and plant based, there is no drug interaction.  Its no wonder when one of our customers used one of Kiss Me Nature’s body butters, they thought it was “A Miracle!!!!!” She told us “I used to hate my feet, they were dry and cracked, I am diabetic you know…” “But I put this on my feet and my feet are healed!!!”  Well Kiss Me Nature decided to take on the challenge addressing the needs of the African American Community with chronic diseases and skin related issues.  Our primary targets are those suffer with diabetes and cancer, including but not limited to eczema, psoriasis and folluculitis.

We would like to invite you to participate in our focus group on the Benefits of our Body Butters. The focus will be on how out base ingredients truly helps heal the skin of those that suffer from skin conditions, when used for 30 days.

If you decide to take part, we will arrange for you to join a focus group discussion with 6-8 other people if you live in the NYC area. You will be sent a form to complete, telling us if you suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer, allergy sufferers, eczema, ect… We also ask that you give us an honest feedback of our products. All participants will receive a free 4oz. jar of our best-selling body butter and a token of appreciation for your contribution to the research.

For more details or to participate in the group, please contact Dominique McCullough:


Phone:    347-384-6616


The Overlooked Benefits of Body Butter

Deep Hydration

When applied, Kiss Me Nature body butter will form a protective barrier between the skin and the elements. This traps moisture in, keeping irritants out. It keeps the skin hydrated no matter what weather conditions you are under. Most lotions are drying because they promote the dissipation of water in the skin. The creamy, nourishing texture of body butter is the perfect solution for extremely dry skin!

Softens the Skin

Got skin so dry it’ll put alligators to shame? No worries, slather on your favorite scented Kiss Me Nature body butter after showering! The richness of essential oils and nut butter will soften and moisturize parched skin. Slather the butter at night and you will wake up to unbelievably soft, glowing skin.

Protects from the Elements

Kiss Me Nature Body butters does double duty as a skin protector. The ingredients will trap moisture, keep out external toxins while softening the skin.  Our body butter will protect the skin from the elements while keeping it silky smooth.

Prevents Callous and Corn

You can also use body butter as callous or corn remover. After bathing, pat the feet dry. Then, apply a generous amount of body butter. Massage the product in, especially on the affected area. Put on a pair of thick socks. In the morning, use a callous scraper to gently remove dry skin. Do this routine until calluses are gone.

Factors to Consider

There are hundreds of body butter out there, which one’s the right for you? When it comes to choosing body butters, we recommend going for the organic, all-natural kinds such as Kiss Me Nature products.  Our all-natural body butter will nourish the skin without irritants.

If you have extremely dry skin, we recommend using our body butter at least daily for 10-14 days to help recondition your and soften your skin. Although you will notice the difference immediately, using our products over time provide you with ongoing skin nourishment.  View our line of natural body butters.

Body Butter does the Body Good!

Let your skin be Kissed by Nature



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