Who is the Face behind Kiss Me Nature

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Dominique McCullough: Entrepreneur, Founder, Kiss Me Nature and Unveiled By Dominique.

That would be MEEEEEEE! I am Dominique, CEO and Founder of Kiss Me Nature which is a natural hand made bath and body products company here in NYC.  That is my “elevator pitch”.  I am a female business owner, Black-owned, and proud. I am not one to jump in front of a camera or a crowd. But I will jump in front of my brand. Over two years ago, I started mixin’ and fixin’ in my kitchen. Kiss Me Nature will soon rock the entire natural beauty care industry.

I am a mother of three, my motivation for building an empire so I can leave a legacy.  I am working on being a philanthropist, and an investor in the African Economy and Entrepreneurship for Women.   I am the founder of a women empowerment organization called Unveiled by Dominique, that will be launching soon.

Unveiling the Beauty Within

Kiss Me Nature has been trying to find its place in the the competitive market of the beauty industry. Yet there are so many areas that are untapped.  Our plant and food based ingredients have been scientifically proven to provide natural healing properties to damaged skin.  “Beauty is only Skin Deep” Yet, many of us cannot see past our damaged skin, which can sometimes cause a person to hide their true beauty.  Kiss Me Nature put together a focus of women ( no men volunteered) of different age groups and ethnic background to help support and prove the healing benefits of our Body Butters.  The results are coming soon.  If you want more inforation about the products used in this focus group, click here visit our online store

Dedicated To Making A Difference

Sowing Seed

Give Back, Invest, and Fight Poverty!

Kiss Me Nature and Unveiled by Dominique have joined forces and has committed to invest in women-led businesses in Africa, to support communities that supply ingredients for our products, or and to support The African Economic and Empowerment Forum. Kiss Me Nature has answered the call to help other like minded black-owned businesses in the African Diaspora,  especially those that source and make one of the base ingredient in Kiss Me Nature products. The CEO of Kiss Me Nature & Unveiled by Dominique and the Founder of AEEF Lillian Moeller , have joined together to work on joining forces to get fair prices for their goods and labor. This helps them to earn a better living and support their families, making a better life possible within their communities. It’s not a donation. It’s an investment in a fairer world. In the spirit of humanity.

I just want to continue to move forward and stay relevant and keep building Kiss Me Nature to be and stay on top.

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