2017-Year of Growth for Madinina Kiss


“There is so much stacked against you as an entrepreneur that you just have to will yourself to the next phase.” -Noah Kraft.

I can just end this blog here because the above quote speaks volumes.  However, I draw inspiration from entrepreneurs such as Steve Job, William Ford, and Noah Kraft.

7 Days of Reflection!

“And on the 7th Day God Rested…So that it itself could produce…” B’resheet (Gen) 2:3 Complete Jewish Bible.   As I start this new year, I was not so quick to jump into the “New Year Greetings” from our business.  I wanted to bring you greetings from a place of Reflection and Rest.

So what new for Madinina Kiss? A lot.  We are finally on Pinterest, and we are so excited.  We have been pinning, and creating boards.  We are also revisiting our presence on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We are expanding our line to include our Bridal Collection, Spa Collection, and Men’s Collection.  We are moving to a strong online presence and well as local venues.

As far as our product line is concerned, Madinina Kiss will be introducing “Shea In The Raw” in addition to its Shea Butter Blend.   We are working on building relationships with African Countries to help support Women Entrepreneurship.

And Finally, we want to bring our brand BACK to the Island from which it is named: Madinina aka Martinique.

These are just some of things we have in store.

2017 Here we come!


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