4 things to do to prepare your skin in the Winter for the Spring


The title can be a little misleading.  You should not let your skin go without the proper skin care regimen as your skin is the first defense and the firs thing people see.

It’s not just the snow melting and flowers blooming that changes from winter to spring when the season’s change, but you may also notice a difference in your skin. Since our skin is very sensitive to the world around us, helping it transition during the changing season by revisiting your skincare routine will help to optimize your best-looking skin.

We’ve created a list of skin care suggestions to help transition your skincare regimen from winter to spring.



We have blogged about the importance of exfoliating on numerous occasions, but in case you still need proof, here is what Pure Fiji has to share about why we need to exfoliate: Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, leaving you with skin that is naturally beautiful, soft and radiant. Madinina Kiss offers excellent exfoliating products for all types of skin.  We love Coconut oil as a carrier oil and we add, brown or white sugar–depending on how sensitive your skin is and dead sea salt–to help detoxify your skin.  As CEO, my personal preference is our Brown Sugar Scrub.  I don’t mind the coarseness of it, even on my face.  Some of my clients, on the other hand, prefer the White Sugar Scrub, because it is less abrasive, especially on the face.  As for our multi-purpose Dead Sea Salt Scrub,  it is perfect in conjunction with a detoxification regimen as it helps lift any toxin that may release through your skin’s pores.  It is important to note however that, you must drink plenty of fluids if you choose to this method.  Unlike sugar scrubs, which help retain moisture, salt scrubs do the exact opposite.  Still, these methods both lead to a radiant and glowing skin.



What better way to keep your skin soft, supple and moisturized than with Madinina Kiss’ Body Butter Blends.  We off three varieties of butter: Shea, Cocoa, and Mango.  We blend our butter with organic Coconut Oil, refined or unrefined; or for our customers with nut allergies, we blend with Grapeseed Oil or Olive oil.  Apply our body butter, daily and especially after a shower or bath.


b961c-vita2bcocoImage result for infused water

No need to tell you about the benefits of water in and out.  But there are plenty of people like me out there who do not enjoy just plain water.  If you are one those persons, try infusing your water with fresh or frozen fruits or vegetables.  My personal favorite: Lime and Cucumber in the Summer and Orange and Strawberries in the Spring.  Winter and Fall seasons, I just default to Lemon.  It is important to try to drink half of your weight in ounces of water or at least 64 oz. Doing this will hydrate you naturally from the inside out.  A natural alternative is Coconut Water.  It contains electrolytes that natural hydrate the body.




Fruits and Veggies are very important as part of your diet to keep your body and your skin healthy and glowing.  Incorporating a healthy dose of fruits and veggies also helps in maintaining a healthy digestives track, thus, lessening the chance of retaining toxins from all of the processed foods that we intake.  While, of course, it is best to eat as organically as possible, it just does not always work that way.

Madinina Kiss cares about your skin, in and out.  Make these four tips a part of your Natual Skin Care Regimen and Lifestyle.  Your body will love you for it!!

Stay Healthy and Blessed,


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