How the Movie “Hidden Figures” helped me to keep pressing forward.

Black women have been the driving force behind everything great.  From slavery to today, Back women in front and behind the scenes making these happen, in spite of.  I dare say that President Barak Obama is the GREATEST President the United States has ever had because on his side, he had a Black Woman.  Sojourner Truth, an illiterate ex-slave who was a powerful figure in several national social movements, speaking forcefully for the abolition of slavery, women’s rights and suffrage, the rights of freedmen, temperance, prison reform and the termination of capital punishment.  Truth supported herself by selling portraits, captioned “I sell the Shadow to support the Substance.”  Harriet Tubman, was the mastermind behind the underground railroad, freeing thousands of slaves.  Madam C.J. Walker became a millionaire during a time of Jim Crow Laws and segregation.  And now, it is finally revealed that behind one of the greatest events in US History, were three great African-American Women.  These women mentioned did not have the civil freedoms we now enjoy in 2017.  And yet, they not only survived but thrived and succeeded in all they set out to do…In spite of.

Fast-forward to 2008, when the US embraced not only our first African American President but also our first African-American First Lady.  She is everything to me.  I remember when President Obama won the election in 2008, I shouted: “She looks like me, She looks like me.”  My husband just laughed…

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What does this mean as an African American Female business owner like myself?  Don’t give up, don’t lose hope, believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

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Hidden Figures has helped me to look at who I am in a different light.  When I am feeling as if the odds are against me, I know that this more of a reason for me to stand up and be great.  Working for NASA was no small feat in and of itself.  But these three women did it as wives, widows, and mothers.  I was almost ashamed of myself, as I began to question whether I would succeed as the CEO and Founder of Madinina Kiss or the Founder of Tear The Veil Inc.  I am sitting back, waiting for a miracle to happen.  The miracle is already inside of me…Waiting to be unleashed.


So as I take Madinina Kiss to the next level, I will not look back, left or right, but straight ahead at my Destiny that awaits me.  I too, intend to bear great fruit.


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