Fall Skin Care: Why We Need To Exfoliate?

As trees start to shed their leaves, women also feel the need to shed their dry, sun-worn, and damaged summer skin. So, what better way to step into fall season than with an exhaustive Fall skin exfoliation regime?

Well, if you ask me, Founder of Madinina Kiss,  I prefer  Paradise Mango brown sugar to exfoliate and cocoa butter for moisturizing and removing the summer’s marks on my skin and making me look my best in Autumn months.

But, before we go any further into the benefits of cocoa butter and brown sugar Fall regimen for exfoliating & moisturizing, let’s see why we need to exfoliate to usher in the season change.

Why we need to slough off summer dryness?


As weather changes with every new season, our skin also starts changing. With the onset of Fall, the air loses its moisture and warmth, therefore becomes cooler and drier. When this happens,  all skin types usually start drying, and the moisture levels within your skin are also reduced. As the season and weather changes, so should changes in your fall skin care routine to prevent permanently damaged skin.

So, you really need to get rid of all summer dryness with the onset of fall weather.

Madinina Kiss, a New York based natural skin care product company, brings you the benefits of organic Fall skin care regimen (brown sugar scrubs and cocoa butter) for exfoliating and moisturizing fall skin in this article:

So, keep reading for happy and smiling skin for Fall:

Paradise Mango Brown Sugar for exfoliation


A natural humectant, brown sugar is known for drawing moisture out of the environment and depositing it to your skin. Our Paradise Mango Brown Sugar Scrub is perfect and will help you retain moisture in your skin during Fall season.

Brown Sugar contains a natural glycolic acid—an essential component of alpha hydroxyl acid family, becoming a natural exfoliator for breaking down & removing dead skin cells.

Body Butter for moisturizing


As your skin becomes dry during Fall season, it needs instant moisture, cocoa butter gives you just that. A rich & creamy natural moisturizing agent, cocoa butter is a stable fat but melts into the skin when applied and also creates a nice barrier for protection against cooler and drier Fall weather.

our Cocoa Butter Body Butter smells divinely like chocolate, making it one of Madinina Kiss’ top selling natural skincare product.

Madinina Kiss: Revealing the natural beauty within.

Our Face is the first thing people see.  This is why it so important to give your face special care since it is more delicate than the rest of your body.  Madinina Kiss has created an exclusive facial regimen to keep you glowing naturally.  Lemon, Brown sugar and Coconut Oil are the three gems from my skincare treasure box. These all natural products ensure that you will get a natural and organic facial spa experience during Fall in the comfort of your home.  However, brown sugar can be a little harsh for those with sensitive skin.  Madinina Kiss has the solution.  Passed down from the Matriarch of the family, below is a DIY Fall Facial Regimen

Coco-Lemon Face Wash System™.

To cleanse and clear dark spots or blemishes, AND moisturize your skin, assemble the following:

½ of a Lemon

1-2tsp. of Coconut oil

Hot (Very warm) washcloth

  •    Rub the lemon on your face avoiding the eye area. You may also choose to squeeze the lemon in a small bowl and use a cotton ball to apply.

(My Grand-Mother said the rind of the lemon “scrapes” the dirt off your face, a nice way of saying “exfoliating”…LOL)

Image result for lemon face wash benefits

  •     Leave on for a few minutes. You will begin to feel a tingling sensation.

It’s ok. It’s the fruit acid doing its job.  If it is uncomfortable, wet your hands and pat your face or if you squeezed the juice, dilute the juice with a little water.

  •    Prepare your hot towel face cloth (or very warm)
  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water, then apply the coconut oil directly onto wet skin.

  •   Apply the heated facecloth for a minute or two, then gently wipe the excess oil off.

No need to apply additional moisturizer, but if you feel you need it, apply a little more coconut oil to your face.

Do this daily for acne and blemish control. Use also to keep your skin clear and soft.

So, what are you waiting for?  Visit our online store now to purchase your very own Fall Skincare regimen products and say ‘goodbye’ to skin dryness and roughness that comes in with the season change.

Revealing the Beauty Within!!!




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