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For the month of February, Madinina Kiss will be celebrating Black Love instead of Valentines Day in honor of Black History.  I did not realize that God was kindling spirits to promote the spirit of Love in our community.  When I felt the urge to do something different for “Valentines Day” this year, by showing love to other Black Owned Business, reminding my followers about self Love and above all the Love of God, I was completely unaware that a movement had already begun.  Thanks to a movement started by a sister named Ayo Handy-Kendi, I am in right in line with God’s Plan: Black Love 2017

The Best Kind of Love is God’s Love

The month of February for me has always been a month of self-awareness and reflection.  Between Valentines Day and Black History Month, it is a time to look at our lives, and gain strength and find love.  The bible tells us that God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall no perish but have everlasting Life (John 3:16).  This is the same Son that sacrificed His life so we may always find grace and mercy with our Father, our Creator.  Imagine that kind love.  

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Self Love.
It took me a long time to love myself.  Tear The Veil, Inc. was created for that reason.  I have been on a mission to discover the “me” God created me to be.  I still struggle, especially when my inner child rears its ugly head, eager to please my mother, yet still feeling judged, paying for a pain I did not cause.  I don’t doubt that my mother loves me, but I can’t shake the feeling that I am being blamed for a very painful part of her life.  When the inner child shows up, I don’t see my adult self.  My mind creates a block, and I can feel myself as a seven-year-old, struggling to embrace my womanhood.  Self Love…I sometimes feel that I have given out so much love, that I have none left for me.  Self Love…Loving yourself so much, that you can not hurt yourself, cause yourself pain, break your own heart. Stay Tuned because we are coming back, bigger and better than before.  There is a voice that needs to be heard, and there are people waiting for a testimony of how “LOVE” conquered all.

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Black Love
In honor of “Black History Month”, we must take the time to remember those who loved us so much, that they too made a sacrifice so that the generations coming after them would not ever suffer the degradation of slavery, civil rights, human right and human equality.  People like Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Dr. Martin Luther King, Madiba aka Nelson Mandela, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and so many others who stood in the gap for my generation and generations to come without truly knowing the outcome, no knowing the people who would benefit from their sacrifice. I think Jay- Z Said it best: Rosa Park Sat so Martin Luther King could Walk, Martin Luther King Walked so Obama could Run, Obama Ran so WE ALL CAN FLY!!! Black Love…

And don’t forget to treat yourself.  No need to wait for that special someone to buy you a gift.  You can get your own gift of love.  Madinina Kiss has the perfect Black Love Day Gift.  Our Lover’s Brew Body Oil is perfect for that special time with that “Special Someone” or that alone time with yourself.  Made with a wonderful blend Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil and Essential Oil, out Lover’s Brew Oil will leave your skin soft and sexy.

Show yourself or someone some “LOVE” on this Black Love Day.  


5 Ways To Care For Your Fall Skin


Labor Day usually signifies the end of summer fun, back to school activities, first day of school and Fall  Festivities.  In the midst of it all, we neglect our skin, as it too experiences season changes.  What was fun and worked well for the summer may not be the same for great skin care for the fall.

Here are some KISS ME NATURE skin care tips that will help you to get the best care for your skin during these Fall months:

1-Take a look at your current body wash product.

I was never a big fan of body washes other than the scent it would leave in my skin. But the drying effects were so bad, at times, even with the application of lotion, my skin was only moist for a few hours. In the summertime, I would try to rely on my bodies natural production of oil to hide my “ashy” skin, but to no avail. My face would be the only “shine” I would get.  This was the motivation behind Kiss Me Nature’s Moisturizing Coconut Body Wash and Kiss Me Nature African Black SoapBody wash. They are both soap-free and hydrating. The 4oz. Bottle is only $10.00. So pure, a little goes a long way.  So for these Fall months, consider a body wash that cleanses and moisturizes, such as these Kiss Me Nature Products.  It’s now time to put away the shower gels and bring out a creamy and moisturizing body washes.


2-Oil-Based Scrubs are THE BEST!

During these fall months, consider an oil-based scrub. I personally love coconut oil-based scrubs because they are perfect for fall and winter with great exfoliating benefits and hydrating oils.  For Fall 2015, Kiss Me Nature will introduce Coconut-Coffee Scrub. Inspired by Borika Body, Kiss Me Nature’s Coconut Coffee Scrub is a blend of Organic Coconut Flakes, Coconut Oil, Coffee, Dead Sea Salt and Lemongrass Essential Oil. In combination with a dry brushing your body, your skin will thank you.

3-Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize Every Day!

Not moisturizing your skin everyday is like not drinking water daily. And we all know what lack of proper hydration will do to you inside and out. Consider a Body Butter such as Kiss Me Nature’s Body Butters that are a bit heavier and allow for great hydration. Our body butters contain Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil or Grapeseed oil.  The best time to apply our body butter is right after you’ve dried off from your shower or bath. This allows you to seal in the moisture that’s already been absorbed into your skin from the water.


4-Put Your Skin On a Schedule

According to an article from”During autumn, there are great opportunities to spend quiet nights at home. Why not have a great beauty day or evening and apply a mask? If you choose an evening during the weekend to apply a hydrating mask, consider keeping that regimen for awhile. If you go and get facials, then get them on a standard day and try not to deviate if you can.”  In a DIY blog, I gave a great beauty tip using the cleansing effect of lemon and the moisturizing effect of Coconut Oil. I also suggest a DIY Moisturizing Kaolin Clay with Coconut Oil.

5-Sunscreen is Still a Must!

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, it doesn’t matter the Sun is still the same. Just because the air is cool, does not mean you can put away the sunscreen. Your skin still needs to be protected from the harmful rays from the sun. While a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or greater is still a great choice, I still prefer the natural SPF of coconut oil. You can add some drops of your favorite Essential Oil for your personal fragrant sunscreen.

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